Providing an extensive coating service to companies around the North East of England

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It’s what’s on the surface that counts

Through continuous investment in the latest coatings technology GT Coatings provide quality surface finishes to meet the enduring demands of the Automotive and Offshore industries whilst maintaining the aesthetic quality standards required from industries such as retail.

GT Coatings have strong customer relationships which have been developed over many years through support and reaction to their customer requirements.

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Jig Stripping

Jig Stripping

Used for product cleaning by the pyrolysis of organic compounds – typically oils, grease, paint and powder coatings, our oven includes a waste gas incinerator that consumes the waste products created by the cleaning process.

 With automatic fire suppression, our oven provides an efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly way of industrial cleaning.

The pyrolysis oven will Remove:

Powder paints and wet paint from metal hangers, hooks, jigs, fixtures and fittings, rejected components.

Sub Assembly

Sub Assembly

GT Coatings assembly cell provide high quality, on time, globally competitive solutions to our customers.

We assemble a wide variety of parts, from mechanical items such as metalwork, heat sinks, fasteners to electrical items and brake pads for the automotive industry

A few benefits outsourcing sub-assembly services include:

  • Reduced labour costs:  completion of basic manufacturing functions can be done less expensively in the warehouse environment
  • Decreased lead times on key products
  • Freed-up inventory and production line space



Have you got a project that needs a paint refurbishment? GT Coatings can offer a range of services for one off projects using different paint systems to suit your requirements.

A few refurbishments include:

  • Alloy Wheels
  • Antique Radiators
  • Bike Frames – (motorbike & Pedal bike)
  • Gym Equipment
  • Telephone box
  • Antique Lamp post
  • Industrial Shelving
  • Garden Furniture
  • Gates & Railings
  • Architectural metalwork’s
  • Machine Guards