To aspire excellence, adding colour to manufacturing one part at a time.


To add value & aesthetics to our clients products by quality surface coating and attention to detail, in the most practical & efficient way possible.


Customer Satisfaction

To offer the highest quality standards at all times by coating every part as if it’s the first one. Forming a partnership with our clients and working with them to ensure deadlines are confidently met and any obstacles are negotiated smoothly.


We understand that plans can change very quickly and aim to support our clients by being flexible and reactive as and when they need it most.


To continuously drive efficiencies to ensure we offer the best coating services with a competitive pricing strategy, by maximising jigging, improving cycle times and eliminating waste.

Safety & Sustainability

Taking a proactive approach to working safely at all times. Taking into consideration our own safety, the safety of others and the good of the environment.

Powder Coating

Wet Paint

Shot Blasting

Plant Capabilities